I love concrete.  People would always look sideways at me when I said anything about enjoying concrete work.  Carpenters didn't get what I enjoyed about flatwork or pouring a wall.  I find it pretty incredible that this soupy liquid that I put into a form, is not only solid as a rock a day later, but mirrors perfectly its forming surface.

I had always been inspired by concrete and compelled by its artistic potential, but it was not until I took a class from Fu Tung Cheng, owner of Cheng Concrete in Berkeley that I saw some of the potential of concrete.  I was most inspired by the concept of fabric forming, a process that is still in its infancy, but grows in popularity and use as it becomes accepted.  Fabric forming can take the place of wood in many situations without so much waste or weight (and work) and is many times more reusable.  I try to incorporate this technique as much as possible and continue to see how limitless its possibilities are.