Concrete's ability to capture a moment in time as it transitions from a liquid to a solid inspires me. Few materials can be so timeless and monolithic yet capture a fleeting energetic instant and hold that movement. Using a non-rigid form allows concrete to shape its forming material and express its fluid and sculptural potential. Creating with both Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and conventional wet-cast concrete along with fabric formwork, the most sculptural, expressive, and beautiful forms are within reach. Transforming the most ubiquitous building material into something that inspires and compels our imagination encourages us to explore and engage in our everyday surroundings and inhabit more completely our world.


Making, shaping and creating with my hands has driven me as long as I can remember. Visual art and sculpture turned to woodworking before I left high school and soon after I found myself in the building trades, excited by creating beauty in the utilitarian everyday. In 2012 I took a GFRC countertop class with Cheng Design in Berkeley, CA that opened my mind to the endless possibilities of concrete.